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I'm Chastin

When you're looking for an electrifying keynote speaker with real-world experience and wisdom to share, you need look no further than me. I've been speaking on stages in front of hundreds of thousands of people for years now, and I have something valuable to say about just about every topic imaginable.

Whether your audience is comprised of entrepreneurs, professionals, students, or athletes, I can deliver a presentation that will inspire them to achieve their goals and reach their highest potential.

I have spoken across many stages to audiences on subjects including entrepreneurship, motivation, real estate, financial literacy, and social media. I am passionate about helping people achieve their goals, and I know that my message will resonate with your attendees. If you're looking for an inspiring and motivating speaker for your next event, click the link below to submit your information.

Just want to give a special thanks to Chastin Miles for helping me make the most money in my office last month and my first month in the business. As a 19 year old who had no idea what I was doing from the start I can honestly say I couldn't have done it without you!

Mario Espinosa Jr.

I followed the program, created 2 different ads just to test and 12 leads in 3 days. 1 ad is doing better than the other but it goes to show that it works. I still have some more learning to do but I'm happy with this start.

Jasmine Thorton

It's awesome that you provide additional content. Makes me, the consumer, feel like I'm getting more bang for my buck and overall more content supporting you. Keep up the great work! You're a role model!!

Steven Ou

Leads are starting to come in! Now I'm just worried as to how I'm going to juggle it all because I work a full time job.

Rhonda Denise

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