Sideline App Review for Real Estate Agents

Are you an agent that’s trying to figure out the best way that you can have your phone lines set up? You’re probably thinking, should I put my personal number out there or should I get a separate phone? I’m going to tell you how I have I have my phone systems set up for my real estate business.

I’m going to introduce something to you, that’s been super valuable to me and I really appreciate it.

There’s an app that I’ve been using for a few months now and it has actually worked wonders for my real estate business. I was struggling with a couple of things. Having my personal number everywhere, especially on signs and postcards, I was getting all types of calls. The calls that I would receive were not just calls from clients, but were also tons of sales calls.

I wasn’t ever able to really like turn off because it was my personal cell phone number. The app that’s been able to make a miraculous change in my business is called Sideline. The Sideline app is available on iPhone and Android. In a nutshell, it’s an app that gives you a second phone number on your existing phone.

Whenever you receive a phone call instead of it showing how it shows on your normal phone, it’s gonna actually pop open the sideline app and it looks like a normal call is coming in except you’re able to see that it’s a Sideline call. So basically it becomes two phones in one.

If you were to actually get a separate phone, the costs associated with the phone plan and devices would cost way too much. Sideline, however, is only $10 a month and you can even start with a seven-day free trial so you can try it out and see if it works for you.

I’ve already pointed out how you can receive phone calls. You can also send and receive text messages, picture messages and of course you can make phone calls on the app.

One feature I think is truly remarkable is the auto-reply feature. Let me explain, for example, if you are out at a showing or it’s just not a convenient time to talk, you can turn on the auto-reply feature to have it auto text the caller back and say something like, “Hey, I’m with another client right now.” or “what can I help you with?” or even “out on a showing, Is there anything that you need immediately?” and it can send it out automatically for you without you even having to type. Being that this is an actual app that’s on your phone, it’s really cool because you can actually distinguish when it is a business call or when it is a personal call.

If someone calls my personal number it pops up like normal but if someone calls your sideline number, it shows us that it’s a sideline call. if you are on a team or if you have an assistant you can set it to where multiple phones can ring all at one time. When my phone rings, my office manager’s phone can ring, my assistant’s phone can ring and who’s ever available, then they can actually answer the call. This is great because you don’t have to decline every call and you don’t have to auto reply if you don’t want to. You can have it routed to other people at the same time.

This is great because as real estate agents, we don’t want to miss calls. We don’t want to decline calls and honestly, we’re not available to take them all the time. Therefore you have a solution for that. I never really thought about having multiple numbers simply because I want to talk to everybody. I just wanted to tell you a few useful ways that the Sideline app, has literally changed things for me.

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