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"How To Increase Your Bottom Line While Growing Your Real Estate Business By Rapidly Establishing Yourself In The Overlooked Rental Markets"

It's Never Been THIS EASY For A Real Estate Agent To Build Their Business When Focusing On The Most Overlooked Area Of Real Estate With The LEAST COMPETITION To Build A Steady Stream Of Commissions Without Any Investments, Previous Experience, Or A Large Database Of Contacts

Lifetime On-Demand Access Included

  • Editable and Downloadable PDF's and Files Included
  • Access to a Members-Only Private Facebook Group
  • Ongoing continuing support and mentorship
  • Content delivered through audio, video, and text
  • Easy to follow non-overwhelming content delivery
  • Downloadable email and text templates included

Joining Rental Boss Give You Immediate Access To

The BEST Reasons Agents Should Do Leases (6 modules)

  • Top 10 Reasons Rentals are Essential for any agent
  • Common Agent Situations
  • How to make easy money
  • Unlocking The Major Opportunity
  • Working With Lease Clients Part 1
  • Working With Lease Clients Part 2

Prospecting For Rentals (6 Modules)

  • Introduction to Prospecting
  • Learn & Know Your Platforms
  • The Dream 25
  • Spotting The Perfect Client
  • How To Maximize Networking Events
  • Prospecting on LinkedIn

Growing Client Relationships (5 modules)

  • Cold Leads vs. Warm Leads & How to Work With Them
  • Delivering Customer Service
  • How To Qualify Your Leads
  • Strategies To Break The Ice
  • 14-Day Email/Text Campaign

High-Level Marketing Techniques (12 modules)

  • Lead Generating Through Facebook
  • Exactly What To Post on Facebook
  • Creating A Facebook Business Page For Rentals
  • Posting On Craigslist
  • Classified Ad Posting Demonstration
  • Ad Examples To Use
  • Incentives and Gifting Plans
  • Incentive Marketing for Massive Lead Generation
  • Getting Started with Stories
  • Building A Sales Funnel
  • Having Effective Follow Up.

Fundamentals of Showing & Touring Clients (3 modules)

  • Dangers and Pitfalls of Touring
  • How To Set A Showing Appointment
  • How To Upsell The Right Way

Working With Apartment Communities (13 modules)

  • The Apartment Database for Agents
  • Navigating an Apartment Database
  • Completing A Lease With An Apartment Complex
  • How To Contact An Apartment Community (The Right Way)
  • Scripts for Contacting Apartment Communities
  • Demonstration of Pricing & Availability
  • How To Create An Invoice
  • Who, What, When, Where, and How of Submitting Invoices
  • Start-to-Finish Process Checklist for Leases
  • Property Report Search Trick

Effectively Working Leases (4 modules)

  • Getting A Lease Listing
  • The Lease Listings for MLS
  • The Ultimate Lead Tracker for Rentals
  • 4 Key Points to Working A Deal

Converting Renters To Buyers (2 modules)

  • Ready-to-use Downloadable Marketing Pieces
  • Lease Ending Letter for Bonus Commissions
  • Limited-Time Bonuses & Extras

Also, Get These Limited-Time Bonuses

The "Apartment Community Hack"

This will teach you how to find the hottest least clients practically on autopilot so that you can take the guesswork out of lead generation.

Value $297

Private Mastermind Facebook Group

Get your questions answered in real time and also participate in our interactive live broadcasts where we go deeper into the lessons and concepts.

Value: $649

Plug & Play Graphic Design Templates

Immediately begin to market for new leads with the done-for-you graphic design templates that you can customize with your information

Value: $497

Other Extras Included

My exact sales letter for high-conversion - You will be able to convert tenants to buyers in no time. Value: $49

Copy & Paste email and text templates - Use these email and text messages to convert leads in no time. Value $207

The start-to-finish plan on successfully getting paid from a rental - Don’t let anyone screw you out of a commission. These steps must be followed to ensure you get paid! Value: $1200

The most trusted apartment database demo - I show you exactly how to find apartment communities willing to pay you. Value: $97

Total Value $2,996

Regular Price: $997

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Regular Price $997

My Zero-Hesitation Guarantee

I believe so strongly in my Rental Boss course that I am willing to back it with a 30-day, no questions asked, money-back guarantee. If for any reason you aren’t satisfied with this product, simply send me an email and I will gladly issue you a refund.

The reason I believe so strongly in it is because I know that it works. I’m not going to make bold and unproven claims. I’m not going to throughout ridiculous financials because everyone is different and I can not guarantee you will work as hard as the next person.

If you purchase Rental Boss and you decide you’re not willing to put in the work, simply ask for a refund.

 "Traffic Secrets exposes the “new” way to drive the right people to your product or  service. Russell's giving you secrets that no one has revealed, and he does it in a way that makes his lessons easy to absorb and understand."

Dean Graziosi

"Controlling traffic is the holy grail for any profitable business. Traffic Secrets is the online formula to create the attention every product needs to thrive."

Steve J Larsen


Their Name

"Vinyl 8-bit mustache quinoa drinking vinegar tousled. Odd Future iPhone sriracha, literally sustainable "

Their Name

"Vinyl 8-bit mustache quinoa drinking vinegar tousled. Odd Future iPhone sriracha, literally sustainable "

Their Name

"Vinyl 8-bit mustache quinoa drinking vinegar tousled. Odd Future iPhone sriracha, literally sustainable "

Their Name

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