RedX Review: Why I Left RedX But Came Back

I’ve been a real estate agent for 6 years now and I have realized that prospecting is one of the most important things a real estate agent can do. It was one of those agents that was taught that “listings give you leverage” It became my mission to make sure I always carried a good amount of listings.

Being in the industry and speaking with other real estate agents, I noticed most of them were using some type of lead generation tool that helped them prospect for listings. A common way that many top agents prospected for listings was by cold calling for sale by owner’s (FSBO’s) and expired listings. This was something I’ve always known because I had actually traveled down this road before.

A common question that I get is how to get expired listings phone numbers. Earlier in my career, I was investing in just about everything for expired listing leads. You name it, Zillow leads, CRM leads, and the random companies that would call me trying to sell me motivated seller leads. The tool that I settled on when I prospected in the past was the RedX but I ended up canceling my subscription for a couple of reasons.

At the time, I thought RedX was great but it didn’t seem as user-friendly as I thought it would be plus I didn’t feel like the quality of leads was what they should have been.

Here are the reasons why I left RedX:

RedX didn’t have an auto-dialer

Before the new version came out, the process was very manual. Every day the new leads appeared in the system for me to begin dialing but there was not a tool within the software for me to dial them. Therefore, I was forced to pay for an external subscription for an auto-dialer outside of RedX. That wasn’t an expense I was originally prepared to spend because most dialers were around $100 and up for a multi-line dialer. Luckily they’ve added one in the new version.

The information in the Vortex was very limited

Before, the interface, which they call the Vortex, did not give you a lot of information about the property. This made most of my phone calls really awkward. RedX would just give you the name on record and the phone number. Sometimes it was the wrong name, and the phone number was the agent’s phone number. Obviously, this was no good for an agent like myself trying to prospect. There must have been many people to complain because now, it seems that they show a lot more information. The profiles contain much more information such as names, addresses, multiple phone numbers, agent information, and more.

The quality of the numbers wasn’t good

Like I briefly touched on before, most of the phone numbers weren’t good in my opinion. I was calling agents, I was getting disconnected lines, and some numbers were to the wrong people. I was extremely disappointed with this. In this new version, however, it seems that they are getting their data from a completely different place. It also seems that there are more cell phone numbers associated with the records instead of landlines that nobody answers.

Overall, I felt like I was paying for something that wasn’t giving me the return I was looking for due to the product limitations.

I ended up switching back to RedX a few years later after I saw they completely revamped the whole software. The new version actually was a total surprise to me because it was exactly what it was needing all along. Also, they now have more products. FSBO’s and Expireds were all I remember being able to dial and now they have pre-foreclosures, neighborhoods for farming that they call Geoleads, and also For Rent By Owners. The best feature that they’ve added, in my option, was their Storm Dialer. Now everything is truly in one place so no more needing to import or export records and the need to operate in two different systems.

If you are looking to add cold calling as a way to lead generate in your real estate business, I would consider RedX. You can get the $150 setup fee waived through this RedX discount. There are many services out there that provide the same thing but it is good that at least the new RedX gives you an overall package to manage and prospect to the phone numbers.

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