My Recommended Tools and Resources to Help

Take Your Business from one
level to the next

Welcome to my resources section. All of the websites and tools below are my personal recommendations. With that being said, you can feel comfortable asking me questions and also reading about my experiences with them and knowing that they are true. Please understand, just because I review these products doesn't mean their aren't others out there. I encourage you to do your own research and feel extremely conformable about the choices you make. 


Rental Boss Course

When I first got my real estate license, it was a total shock to me that I didn’t have any business.

I found a quicker and easier way to make money in real estate. It’s a shame that more agents don’t know how to do this I have mastered a simple process that allows me to get new clients, help those clients find their next rental, and get paid. 

I teach you those strategies in Rental Boss

Future Agent Academy

If you want to join one of the greatest careers in the world, you've come to the right place. I've prepared a complete one-stop resource to help you become a real estate agent from scratch. 

You can get full access to all of these resources whenever you need it. 


The decisions you make in the first month of your real estate career, can send you down the road to riches or the path to the pits. If anyone told you real estate was easy, they lied. To be successful in real estate, you need to work hard and have a plan. Unless you've worked in real estate before, you most likely don't have a plan.

In this course, you have the plan. This plan will guide you through the First 31 days of your real estate career. It will set you on the fast track to a profitable and lasting real estate career.

The Real Before The Estate

When you are ready to begin or jumpstart your real estate careers, this is a must read book. Read real-world experiences by an award-winning real estate agent. 

This book will not only help you understand the real estate career but it will also guide you into working as a real estate agent. 


Real Estate School

I highly recommend online real estate classes. I had a marvelous experience at Real Estate Express,  and I don’t think I would have done as well in life and in my career with a different company, so I definitely would at least look them up if I were you.


You need a powerful CRM in your real estate business to make sure that you are maximizing all opportunities. Top Producer is an awesome CRM to do just that. This platform was made especially for real estate agents. From A-Z, I can’t think of anything that Top Producer is missing.

I highly recommend you check them out if you are in need of a powerful CRM built specifically for the real estate industry.

Virtual Reality

Staging makes it easy and affordable to turn objects and spaces into immersive augmented and virtual reality experiences. Whether you’re selling properties, furniture, cars, design services or trips to space, iStaging can help you grow your business!

If you would like to offer your clients something new and out of the box, this is it. I recommend this company for all of your virtual reality showings.

Day Planner

Keeping yourself in-line with your goals in extremely important. It's something that should be done yearly, monthly, weekly, daily, and even hourly. Every real estate agent needs to be able to hold themselves accountable. 

This is my go-to planner that I recommend. I will note, it can be a little overwhelming at first but I'm sure in no-time, you'll notice that you're experiencing a new level of productivity. Use promo code POWERPLAYERS to save 10%

Lead Generation

Simply having a Call-to- action won't be all you need to generate quality leads. 

When you are generating leads, you must have a solid place to point your marketing efforts to and collect information. This is my recommended resource to create effective landing pages and squeeze pages to use with your real estate marketing efforts. 

Marketing Videos

Use this tool to create high-quality real estate marketing videos. 

If you want to give your marketing a professionally produced look, then these videos are for you. There are easy to use templates that allow you to add your own photos and text and a professionally produced video is available in minutes! 

Email Follow Up

Email follow up is one of the most important tools any marketer can use in their business.

This goes hand-in-hand when it comes to real estate. You commonly hear the term "drip campaign" used when referencing to staying in front of someone via email. This resource does exactly that and it includes great tracking functionalities. 

FSBO & Expired Listings

Prospecting is at the heart of any real estate business. In order to get listings, you must prospect for them. This tool is one of my favorites for phone numbers and addresses of For Sale by Owner and Expired Listings. 

Use the link below to save the $150 setup fee.

Exam Prep

If you are in need of some study tools to help you pass the real estate exam, I suggest you check out PrepAgent. 

PrepAgent can provide you with practice tests, exam prep videos, flashcards, ebooks, worksheets, and more. PrepAgent is a phenomenal resource for some real tools that you can use to help you pass your real estate exam or your brokerage exam. 

Experience Incentives

Give your leads and clients "something extra" for using your services or providing you with information. 

Today, incentives rule the marketing world. When you begin to use experience incentives, you will see an increase in your lead generation and you will make many people very, very happy.