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Chastin J. Miles, Founders & Coach of Power Unit Coaching

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What's Included In Power Unit Coaching

Monthly Coaching/Q&A Calls

Each month, join in on a live virtual coaching session with Chastin which will give you clarity into your business practices and activities.

$1497 Value

Private Online Mastermind Community

You are not alone. You will be surrounded by like-minded individuals who will help not only motivate you but also keep you accountable for hitting your goals.

$647 Value

Members-Only Area Access

Access an on-demand private library of 50+ videos covering a wide variety of topics to teach you how to do things and also help you out in every situation you'll encounter.

$997 Value

Workbooks & Documents

We will keep track of your growth month after month through your Power Book. This will help hold you accountable with to-dos and homework.

$97 Value

Referral Network Membership

You will be a member of our nationwide referral network where business deals are shared and referred from myself and agents on a daily basis.

$597 Value

Bonus Materials

You'll have access to additional programs and materials to help in other areas of your business including marketing, social media, getting started, and more.

$997 Value

What Will You Learn?

5 Pillars To 3 Closings A Month

Crafting Your Database

Effective Time Blocking

Becoming Process Driven

Crafting Your Marketing Plan

Team Building

Your Membership Also Includes

Lead Gen Playbook Course

Lead Gen Playbook is an on-demand digital resource for anyone looking to grow their real estate business through tried and proven lead generation strategies, systems, and techniques. When you implement the strategies shown in this playbook, you can almost guarantee a steady stream of leads and referrals. $497 value

Rental Boss Course

The Rental Boss course will teach you how to increase your bottom line while growing your real estate business by rapidly establishing yourself in the overlooked rental markets. $997 value

100+ Document File Vault

All of the files a real estate needs to run a profitable real estate business. These are actual files that have been and are currently being used in my real estate business today. Most of them will require edits or duplication. These can be used at your discretion. This is 100% a file vault for you to have access to these documents. $997 value

Tube Boss Course

A comprehensive program to teach you how to begin, grow, market, and scale with video all through YouTube. You will learn how to leverage the power of YouTube to build your real estate business and generate leads on autopilot. $997 value

Facebook For Real Estate Course

This set of training will teach you how to generate leads through Facebook. You will learn how to run Facebook ads, leverage Facebook groups, and build Sales Funnels to capture and nurture more leads. $497 value

Hours of On-Demand Video Content

Videos for you to watch when you want to watch them. Hours of on-demand video content that cover all areas of building a real estate business including lead generation, servicing clients, expanding into a team, time management, and more. $997 value

Here's What Other Agents Have Said...

I'm So Pumped! I Just signed my very 1st Buyer clients!! Woo!! Mahalo Chastin Miles for all your wisdom & support for this group!! I've only been part of Power Unit since October (and virtual schooling my daughter the whole time!!), so I know your program has given me tools to succeed that I wouldn't find anywhere else! THANK YOU!!

Jessica O. | Hawaii

The simplest yet prolific message I get loud and clear by being a part of Chastin's leadership and listening in on our power calls is that real estate is about community and people, not leads. So without breaking a sweat, Chastin landed me as a student client for free. No lead-gen, sales pitch or ad.

Paula L | California

I really want to express my sincere appreciation and gratitude to Chastin Miles for the inspiration, encouragement, tips, and truth that he has provided here. Chastin, you played a big part in helping me believe I could do this. I probably would have gotten into real estate without your insight, but with it I felt I had the tools and information to DO IT NOW. Thank you so, so much.

Jake N. | Texas

I signed 4 buyers representation agreement on the past 2 weeks and adding 1 more today

Ricardo R. | Texas

Power Unit Coaching works if you lock in. Their was a time in my real estate career were I hated working with buyers and it was my least favorite activity. So for majority of my career I stayed out that buyer lane and majority of my sales came from listings, and looking back on it I missed out on sales that I could of had on the buy side by not putting any effort into buyers. But last year I knew if I wanted to hit my potential I had to find that passion for the buy side also. The buyer processes that Chastin has in the power unit vault helped me tremendously! It gave me discipline on following up with buyer leads. If you told me 2 years ago that in 2021 I would of closed 5 on the buy side with 2 buyer deals closing this month I would of thought you were out your element. The best thing I did in 2020 was lock in and wanting to get better on the buy side, and I must admit I have made some never forgetting memories with my buyer clients during the buyer process this year. Also, this year I have had more client referrals from those buyers then I have had my whole career.

LockIn and Rock Your Weakness!!

Austin L. | New York

Just wanted to share that yesterday I got a listing referral from someone at one of the volunteer places I volunteer at 🤓. Just got the listing agreement signed and it’s for a 700k house 😁.I wouldn’t have known to try without you 🤗.

Lexi B. | Hawaii

Today I placed my first order for postcards around a sold listing. With every sale I grow and in that growth I am finding my full potential. It continually is getting better. Thank you Chastin J. Miles for helping find that potential and continuing to push me to be the best version of me.

Carol F. | Delaware