Market slowing “GOSSIP”

Let me bring up the so-called market “slowing” topic– that’s been everywhere.

What’s that?

Basically, when agents aren’t making the same amount of money they once made, there begins to be a lot of talk about the market changing.  Which could be a valid excuse. When the market slows down, typically money slows down for “some” agents. What’s even worse is, most times, this puts a lot of agents out of business. I won’t go into the nitty-gritty here because, frankly, others have written more about this in far more detail already.

Some people are getting really NERVOUS about this though.

Me? I find it extremely amusing.

The thing is, real estate has been here and isn’t going anywhere. We are experiencing a market “correction.” Not only will this correct the inflated home prices but it will also correct the agent’s who shouldn’t be in this business anymore.

When things get tough, the agents who are serious about their grind are still able to produce just as much money, if not more, due to less competition.

But here’s what’s sad, most of the agents who will get pushed out of the business, only get pushed out because they weren’t trained properly.

They didn’t receive the right tools, training, mentorship, and guidance to actually build a solid real estate business. They were just acting as an agent and not a business owner.

So when “corrections” come, they’re the first ones to get corrected.

I spend so much time telling my truths and warning future real estate agents of what it takes.  Some listen but some don’t. Some think they know everything already, then surprisingly, their “mentor” quits…

Really think about what’s happening and do you feel prepared?

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