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Here’s one of the best quotes that I’ve read and applied it directly to my real estate business: “Relationships are leverage. If you give value to someone else first, you have leverage.” – Gary Vaynerchuk

Here’s how it applies to real estate. Successful real estate agents have one big thing in common with each other– they have a lot of relationships. They have relationships with just about everyone they need.  I’ve spoken to many new agents and one big question they always ask is, “how do I create relationships”? Well, like Gary Vee said in the quote, “if you give value to someone else first, you have leverage.” That’s the answer. You must give value.

Oftentimes agents will attend networking events and the first thing they give is their business card. Where is the value in that? Agents will go on appointments and the first thing they provide is their biography. This has to stop! The way to really grow your business is through relationships. Relationships are the only thing that gives you true leverage as a real estate agent. If you want to know how to provide value to people, take a look at a successful agent. See what they are doing in their lunch meetings. Listen in on their phone calls. Maybe ask someone can you tag along to their listing appointment. Most times, they are providing an enormous amount of value to the point where the other person feels obligated to be loyal to them.

I’m going to continue this lesson as it’s super important. Especially when it comes to marketing. The best way to leverage your business is by having a plan. I created a plan that has worked for many agents. Make it work for you.

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Chastin J. Miles is a full-service real estate agent specializing in Dallas real estate, brand management, and client representation in a comprehensive spectrum of classes including single-family residential, condos and developments, commercial real estate, and luxury leases.

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