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The “Top 10” Resources for Realtors

By popular demand… Here are my top 10 favorite real estate resources. No long, blathering build up.No messing around. Here it is…1. PrepAgent – Use this if you need help studying to pass your real estate exam.2. Real Estate Express – Enroll here if you need to get your real estate license.3. ConvertKit – This is an easy to use way to send […]

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My Big Stupid Expired Listing Failure

This was a legit stupid failure…on my part. Here’s what happened:I decided one day that I was going to mail expired listing letters out to all of the condos that were over $1M in the area around where I lived. I knew the area well, I knew the people, I thought it would be easy. This was when […]

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Why I Don’t Go To Real Estate Seminars

It’s Chastin Miles. If you’ve been in real estate any amount of time, I’m sure you’ve seen an advertisement for a real estate seminar to teach you a thing or two. They’re everywhere! But get this, I wouldn’t go to another one of those things if someone paid me. Real estate seminars are the biggest waste […]

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Here’s Some Great Advice I Got

Here’s one of the best quotes that I’ve read and applied it directly to my real estate business: “Relationships are leverage. If you give value to someone else first, you have leverage.” – Gary Vaynerchuk Here’s how it applies to real estate. Successful real estate agents have one big thing in common with each other– they […]

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I got this interesting question

Got this interesting question about staying on track. “Yo Chastin, Why is it that I feel like I’m failing? Is there a way to get back up on track man because I’ve been feeling down?” I wanted to answer this question publically because I feel like many real estate agents find themselves feeling like this. Here’s […]

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