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Have You Seen the Messenger Bots yet?

I have something exciting for you today. I just released a video (off-schedule) discussing Facebook Messenger bots specifically for real estate. These things are showing up everywhere and it’s only a matter of time before every Realtor has one. Watch my video here It’s been great for my business btw. – Chastin

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Market slowing “GOSSIP”

Let me bring up the so-called market “slowing” topic– that’s been everywhere. What’s that? Basically, when agents aren’t making the same amount of money they once made, there begins to be a lot of talk about the market changing.  Which could be a valid excuse. When the market slows down, typically money slows down for […]

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Who Wins In A Fight? Lender or Realtor?

As you know, Realtors are everywhere and Loan Officers are everywhere. So who would win in a fight between the two? I don’t mean a physical fight, I mean a “closing of clients” fight. Unfortunately, it seems like lenders are winning these days and I’m pretty sure I know why. You see, lenders have to […]

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My Big Stupid Expired Listing Failure

This was a legit stupid failure…on my part.  Here’s what happened: I decided one day that I was going to mail expired listing letters out to all of the condos that were over $1M in the area around where I lived. I knew the area well, I knew the people, I thought it would be easy. This […]

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A Whacky Crazy Way To Get New Leads

Here’s a wacky way to generate some new leads/contacts. These leads aren’t specifically buyer or sellers but they are more people for you to put into your database thus giving you more people to market to. For this, you can choose to use any contact method you prefer: phone call, letter, or a visit. I […]

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