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5 ways to ruin your career

I thought about something the other day and it was actually an agent that triggered my thinking on this subject.  It’s the subject of ways to ruin your real estate career. I thought about it for a little bit and came up with these top 5 ways you can ruin your career. If you do […]

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Wishing Is For Losers

Sometimes I get emails like this: “Chastin, thank you for all the value you provide us as agents. It has really helped me get started in real estate. Honestly, I wish I was like you. You have so much knowledge and I feel like I’m lacking. I have not made hardly any money and I […]

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He Quit On His First Day In Real Estate

I was actually pretty shocked to receive an email at almost midnight the day before one of my new hires was supposed to come in for their second day of work. The message was professional of course but I was shocked because they only worked on my team for one day. I actually made his […]

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Sideline App Review for Real Estate Agents

Are you an agent that’s trying to figure out the best way that you can have your phone lines set up? You’re probably thinking, should I put my personal number out there or should I get a separate phone? I’m going to tell you how I have I have my phone systems set up for […]

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5 Reasons Leadpages Is Great For Real Estate Leads

These are 5 reasons that Leadpages is great for real estate leads. If you know anything about internet marketing or digital lead generation, you know that it’s almost a necessity┬áto create a sales funnel. A funnel is a series of steps that take a prospect from a lead to a closed client. The series of […]

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