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How To Sell Yourself As A REALTOR®

If you’re a real estate agent, you’re probably accustomed to selling things.  You sell condos, lots, single-family homes, mansions, and potentially even the idea of certain neighborhoods. But, are you selling yourself? It is absolutely imperative that you learn to sell yourself as an agent if you’d like to continue to grow your client base […]

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Top 5 Reasons to Take Real Estate Classes Online

So, you want to become a Real Estate agent?  Once you are an agent, it can be an amazing lifestyle. You can set your own schedule and even your own income. If you feel like working, you can– or if you want to take a month-long vacation, well, that’s possible too! It’s the best. On […]

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Why Some Real Estate Agents Discount Their Commission

Have you ever heard the expression, “You Get What You Pay For?” If you have, you know it essentially means that quality comes at a price. This applies to everything in life. As an example, a discount handbag might be $40 at the flea market, but comparative designer ones cost thousands of dollars. Truthfully much […]

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Why I Hustle Every Day

If you’re a millennial, like I am, you were raised under a very different set of beliefs and values than our parents and grandparents were. The baby boomers were taught from an extremely early age that if they learned a trade, focused on a skill, and kept their heads down and out of trouble, they […]

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Why Digital Marketing is Important for REALTORS

Times are changing, and technology has really modified the way that we do things. People no longer use rotary phones bolted to their kitchen wall, but cell phones that can go anywhere they go. Social media pages like Facebook and Twitter have replaced instant messenger, and electronic mail has replaced those old letters that used […]

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