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Being REJECTED as an agent

I’ve tried so many things in my real estate business, hoping that they would give me the big break I was looking for.  It was kind of like that feeling of instant gratification.  I would try something, fail at it, and move on. Then I would fail again, and again, and again.  What I noticed […]

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How to handle objections

If you’re not getting listing appointments from the phones or door knocking, you may need to get better at overcoming objections. In my many years as a Realtor, I’ve found that the objections people give are pretty much the same. Here’s a little look into the inside of my business. Each week, I host a […]

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Agents chasing cars and women

The other day, I called myself going to a brokers open put on by this agent that I will never forget.  The event was promoted like it was going to be a luxurious, LA type, of brokers open with views, money, cars, and women. I had never heard of the agent and I didn’t really […]

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5 ways to ruin your career

I thought about something the other day and it was actually an agent that triggered my thinking on this subject.  It’s the subject of ways to ruin your real estate career. I thought about it for a little bit and came up with these top 5 ways you can ruin your career. If you do […]

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Wishing Is For Losers

Sometimes I get emails like this: “Chastin, thank you for all the value you provide us as agents. It has really helped me get started in real estate. Honestly, I wish I was like you. You have so much knowledge and I feel like I’m lacking. I have not made hardly any money and I […]

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