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The Real Estate Property Tours Strategy

Here’s another strategy that is shown in the latest release of Lead Gen Playbook.  I call it the Property Tours Strategy.  The way to go about it is hosting a FB or IG Live to do your property tours. Everyone posts pictures of the properties but rarely do people walk someone through the actual property.  […]

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Looking out of the untrained eye

I want to share something with you. Is it safe to say that you have been working in your business non-stop lately but you’re just not getting the results you are expecting? Here’s the reason why. You’re looking at your efforts and results through an untrained eye. Let me go back a little bit. When […]

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Being REJECTED as an agent

I’ve tried so many things in my real estate business, hoping that they would give me the big break I was looking for.  It was kind of like that feeling of instant gratification.  I would try something, fail at it, and move on. Then I would fail again, and again, and again.  What I noticed […]

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How to handle objections

If you’re not getting listing appointments from the phones or door knocking, you may need to get better at overcoming objections. In my many years as a Realtor, I’ve found that the objections people give are pretty much the same. Here’s a little look into the inside of my business. Each week, I host a […]

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Agents chasing cars and women

The other day, I called myself going to a brokers open put on by this agent that I will never forget.  The event was promoted like it was going to be a luxurious, LA type, of brokers open with views, money, cars, and women. I had never heard of the agent and I didn’t really […]

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