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Cold Calling Strategies for Better Conversion

When I first started cold calling I didn’t pay for anything. I was literally going on whitepages.com, which is a website you can use to look up homeowners phone numbers, it was the most manual thing and it took me forever because I had to get the addresses off the MLS and then look up the […]

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Don’t Become A Real Estate Agent If…

I feel like every single day I am getting a message from someone, asking, ‘should I get into real estate and then they’ll follow it by something like, if I’m 17 and I’m about to turn 18, or if I have a job and three kids, or if I don’t have any money or if […]

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What To Send To Get A Lead

 I have to brag about an agent right quick who took action on something we discussed and already got a callback.  Kelly is an agent in my Power Unit coaching. We meet weekly and I show a new strategy to build your real estate business.  2 weeks ago I taught about sending evidence of your […]

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The REALTORS® Road To Six Figures

I did a collab video a little while ago with another YouTuber and it made me compelled to give more insight into what we talked about. The topic was how to make 6 figures in real estate. To do this, I broke down a plan that if followed, any real estate agent could do it.  […]

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Save Our Sellers From Danger

Some of these companies out here are taking things to a whole new level and we need to take some action. You won’t believe what happened to me the other day. I showed some clients a property and they wanted to make an offer. I noticed on the MLS sheet that it said all offers […]

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