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What To Send To Get A Lead

 I have to brag about an agent right quick who took action on something we discussed and already got a callback.  Kelly is an agent in my Power Unit coaching. We meet weekly and I show a new strategy to build your real estate business.  2 weeks ago I taught about sending evidence of your […]

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The REALTORS® Road To Six Figures

I did a collab video a little while ago with another YouTuber and it made me compelled to give more insight into what we talked about. The topic was how to make 6 figures in real estate. To do this, I broke down a plan that if followed, any real estate agent could do it.  […]

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Save Our Sellers From Danger

Some of these companies out here are taking things to a whole new level and we need to take some action. You won’t believe what happened to me the other day. I showed some clients a property and they wanted to make an offer. I noticed on the MLS sheet that it said all offers […]

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The Real Estate Property Tours Strategy

Here’s another strategy that is shown in the latest release of Lead Gen Playbook.  I call it the Property Tours Strategy.  The way to go about it is hosting a FB or IG Live to do your property tours. Everyone posts pictures of the properties but rarely do people walk someone through the actual property.  […]

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Looking out of the untrained eye

I want to share something with you. Is it safe to say that you have been working in your business non-stop lately but you’re just not getting the results you are expecting? Here’s the reason why. You’re looking at your efforts and results through an untrained eye. Let me go back a little bit. When […]

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