Best Online School To Get A Real Estate License

I was recently approached with the question of how one gets his or her real estate license, and the quickest simplest answer is that you need to take a course, and then pass a test.

There are all sorts of schools available for your real estate course needs, and I diligently researched a few before I finally found the one that worked best for me. I feel like I’m actually a very good person to give an opinion on this subject because I actually tried both the traditional classroom method and the online course as well, so I know first-hand what both experiences are like.

Depending on your learning style, you may find that you’ll want to stick with the traditional classroom method; if it’s helpful for you to go in person, be able to ask questions, and interact with other students. In my case, I actually dropped out of the classroom program for a variety of reasons.

For one, I found that the classroom program was incredibly taxing on my schedule. Although the classes weren’t more than a few hours each day, they wanted me to go every single day at a specific time. If you have a part-time or full-time, are a parent, or have other commitments this will be very difficult for you.

Additionally, I found that the classroom program moved at a slower pace than I moved at myself. I would attend class with other people and find myself ready to move on from topics when they were not. Online, I had all of the course materials at my disposal, and I could go through the content at my own pace. This is great if you learn more quickly or slower than other people. I excelled by being able to learn on my own and ended up finishing the online program weeks earlier than I would have finished the classroom program.

In those aspects, online was really the best choice for me. What’s best for you is going to be up to your learning style and whatever other factors, but I highly recommend an online program.

As for the specific online program you choose, I did my research and selected the online real estate course that was the best for me. I liked this specific course because it seemed the most thorough, had classes for certification in many other states, and had a money-back guarantee that I could get a full refund if I didn’t pass my exam on the first try. That was really what sealed the deal for me.

Most importantly, this program offered a free Exam Prep Master that was included in my course fees. They helped me prepare for exactly what would be on the test in a scheduled program, and really gave me a very clear picture of what the actual test would be like. Without this exam prep, I’m not sure that I would have passed my state license exam. I definitely would not have passed it if I had stuck with the classroom program, as that was not working for me.

I want you to do what works best for you, but definitely, do your research about the various options. I loved my online program so much that I’ve included the links for you here, so you can sign up.

Alabama Real Estate School https://goo.gl/FPRxsE

Arkansas Real Estate School https://goo.gl/hr7MXw

California Real Estate School https://goo.gl/rkkDzQ

Colorado Real Estate School https://goo.gl/vi97PH

Florida Real Estate School https://goo.gl/JxWBHt

Georgia Real Estate School https://goo.gl/zvP5YB

Illinois Real Estate School https://goo.gl/jPRazK

Iowa Real Estate School https://goo.gl/3g9dHF

Kansas Real Estate School https://goo.gl/TtFD6R

Kentucky Real Estate School https://goo.gl/7cCzML

Michigan Real Estate School https://goo.gl/b984bx

Minnesota Real Estate School https://goo.gl/GVRTLP

Mississippi Real Estate School https://goo.gl/N5jYqT

Missouri Real Estate School https://goo.gl/wHcNTf

Nevada Real Estate School https://goo.gl/WB1MfD

New York Real Estate School https://goo.gl/Fz4ZnU

Oklahoma Real Estate School https://goo.gl/LBMfmq

Pennsylvania Real Estate School https://goo.gl/rJvRCz

Tennessee Real Estate School https://goo.gl/7hFjvP

Texas Real Estate School https://goo.gl/q2eGYb

Virginia Real Estate School https://goo.gl/AVK9vz

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