A Whacky Crazy Way To Get New Leads

Here’s a wacky way to generate some new leads/contacts.

These leads aren’t specifically buyer or sellers but they are more people for you to put into your database thus giving you more people to market to.

For this, you can choose to use any contact method you prefer: phone call, letter, or a visit. I think a visit is best for this but…you can pick.

Here’s what you want to do:

1. Find a listing for sale in your area, (preferably a new listing)
2. Contact the homes around the listing and ask them if they’ve had a chance to view the new listing on the market. (Most of them will say no if it’s new)
3. Give them details about the home and let them know that you are doing tours of the home and you would like to show it to them.
4. Let them know that you are working exclusively with neighbors because neighbors most times know the best people to live in the neighborhood.
5. Schedule them for showings and work them like magic. Make them love you!
6. Continue to market to them by providing value and watch the business flourish.

I said this was going to be a whacky crazy way to get new leads but just think about it. You would be the one getting to the neighbors before the seller’s agent has.

Try it out if you’re adventurous.

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