5 Reasons Leadpages Is Great For Real Estate Leads

These are 5 reasons that Leadpages is great for real estate leads. If you know anything about internet marketing or digital lead generation, you know that it’s almost a necessity to create a sales funnel. A funnel is a series of steps that take a prospect from a lead to a closed client. The series of funnel steps may differ from agent to agent but the overall method is the same. To have a successful funnel you must have an attention grabber, opt-in, sales page, and follow up system. Putting all of these components together will increase your chances of making it to the closing table.

Two of the funnel steps that I mentioned above can be easily created in one place. Let me break down what those two things are. An opt-in page is simply a page where information is exchanged. It is used to make an offer in exchange for information, typically an email address. The sales page is where you give the information.

For example

OFFER: Get my exclusive list of off-market homes > OPT-IN: Simply enter your name and email address > SALES PAGE: You have now unlocked my exclusive list of off-market homes.

You’ve probably seen these in a variety of other industries and now they are appearing everywhere in the real estate industry. It’s now up to you to create a few pages of your own. To accomplish that, I recommend using LeadPages.

Here are 5 Reasons LeadPages is great for real estate leads:

LeadPages has pre-made templates for real estate

LeadPages has created a few done-for-you templates that are specifically made for real estate. As real estate agents are getting more tech-savvy, they’ve taken it upon themselves to make our jobs even easier. By having pre-made templates, this saves us so much time when trying to build a sales funnel.

Here’s an example of one real estate template found on LeadPages

leadpages template

LeadPages integrates with many other tools real estate agents already use

Connecting your landing pages to existing tools you use is extremely easy. One of the big ones that I liked was Facebook Ads. You can link your landing pages to your Facebook Ads. They can also be linked to your favorite email autoresponder tool. If you use ConvertKit like I do, it’s just a few clicks of a button and your leads are automatically put on your email drip campaigns. This makes it easy for you to communicate with your leads right when they come in.

LeadPages can create single property websites

Imagine having a property website for each of your listings. Your seller clients would love this. Offering a seller property website can set you apart from all the other agents trying to win the same listing. Property websites are becoming more and more popular. Int he past, they were just a resource for luxury homes but today, more and more agents are creating property websites for their listings. Unfortunately, a website can be expensive to get built. But, with LeadPages, single property websites can be created in a matter of minutes without hiring an expensive web designer.

Here is an example of a single property website template

LeadPages single property website

LeadPages is easy to use

Nobody likes a complicated software or program. Luckily, LeadPages has made everything easy to use. The interface is best used on an actual desktop or laptop but they have really made it simple enough for just about anyone to use it. When you are building pages, the interface is drag and drop. Also, with the number of templates they offer, there’s not much building you have to do. There are tons of tutorial videos available and a great support team if you have any issues or trouble.

The landing pages are completely customizable

If you are one that likes to build your own pages, LeadPages is highly customizable. You can start with a blank canvas and build what you want or you can use one of their pre-made templates and customize everything about it. This will really help with aligning your pages with your real estate brand. You can change colors, fonts, photos, and more. This was important because I didn’t want people to feel like they were working with a completely different real estate agent.

As you can probably tell, I’ve become a big fan of LeadPages and I’ve been using them in my business for years. If you would like to try it out to see if it would work for you, they offer a 14-day free trial to get you started. The plans are inexpensive and start at only $25. The possibilities are endless when it comes to lead generating and LeadPages is definitely a tool that and up your lead generation game.

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