5 Things To Know Before You Move to Uptown Dallas

5 Things To Know Before You Move to Uptown Dallas

Dallas has been rated one of the top 15 cities in the U.S. to live! A publisher took into account five main factors: job market, value, quality of life, desirability, and net migration. So many people are choosing to migrate to the Uptown Dallas area.

Quality of life was the #1 factor due to having low crime rates and high quality of education. Value came in second and was calculated by the average household income compared to cost of living, which has increased but is still doable. Dallas home prices average $210,181 — lower than the national average of $211,731, and renters spend about $938 per month on average.

Uptown Dallas is located between Downtown Dallas and Highland Park, TX. Uptown has quickly become one of the most desirable places to live in Dallas, TX. Before you decide to make that move, here are 5 things you must know before you buy real estate in Uptown.

Must know before you move to uptown dallas

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