4 Rookie Mistakes That Keep Uptown Homes From Selling

4 Rookie Mistakes That Keep Uptown Homes From Selling

If your uptown home or condo is on the market and you are struggling to sell it, it could be for an entirely valid reason. Maybe you are stuck in the slow market, or maybe there is a possibility that you did a rookie-selling mistake. But don’t worry, these types of basic mistakes can be corrected without any problems or worries.

Let me tell you the 4 worst mistakes you can possibly make.

No. 1: Overpricing your Uptown home

Price is usually the reason why a house or condo in Uptown doesn’t sell. Everyone wants to get top dollar for their Dallas home, but many people overestimate the value of their property…They think if a neighbor, or a friend in a similar neighborhood, sell their home for $600,000, then they can get at least the same amount. But that usually is not the case.

Even when your price is right, be flexible! If you receive an offer below your listing price, consider at least making a counteroffer.

Always listen to your agent’s listing price recommendation, don’t get emotional if your agent’s suggestion isn’t as high as you’d hoped. Nobody wants to have their home on the market for months, and usually, if buyers see that your home is on the market for more than 1 month, they are probably going to assume that there is something wrong with the house.

No. 2: Doing a lousy job of cleaning

Your Uptown home needs to look flawless, that’s it. Hire a professional cleaner to clean and detail the entire place. Also, put all the unnecessary stuff in containers and hide them somewhere, because clutter distracts buyers. When they look at your home, they will see how you treated it through years. If it is dirty, if there is dog hair and toys everywhere, they might get a wrong impression of how you treated your home.

Also if you have a clean home, you can take great photographs for your listing!

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No. 3: Leaving religious or political belongings in plain sight

You never know who is looking at your home, you don’t know who is he. Is he or she a Muslim, a Christian, is he gay, is she straight, you never know what or who they are.

And that’s exactly why you don’t want to have any of these belongings in your living room, or wherever they get too much attention. Like I said previously, we don’t want anything that can distract our buyers.

Rookie mistake No. 4: Making it difficult for agents to show your home

Selling your Uptown home actually means forgetting about privacy for a few weeks. You need to be flexible when buyers ask to see your home on short notice. Your agent can show the property while you are away, let your agent install a lockbox with keys to the house.

And also, be careful about pets. Some people are afraid of dogs, some people are allergic to cats, and that will make them want to steer clear. Take them to your friend’s place, or a dog hotel while buyers are viewing the house. Why, if fears and allergies are not enough? Hair everywhere, sometimes even unpleasant smell, collars, leashes, water bowls…A lot of stuff that will take your buyer’s attention.

I hope you take the time out to apply these 4 tips.

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Voted Top Real Estate Agent in 2017 by D Magazine, Chastin J. Miles is a pioneer in the real estate industry. In addition to working with clients, Miles serves as the Social Media chairperson for the MetroTex Association of REALTORS® Young Professionals Network, hosts the Millennial Movers Series podcast on iTunes, and was recently awarded the prestigious Healy Hustle Award as well as named as “Mr. Branding” for his strong and unique approach to marketing in the competitive home market. He has been featured in numerous publications including The Dallas Morning News, CEO World Magazine, and The Dallas Voice.


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